How I ended up with the best cities in the world

I from time to time wonder about various matters. Myself frequently question the kind of city I’d choose if at all I was allowed to live anywhere in the entire world. I got a typical approach to this and it’s probably something plausible that anyone else would do. What I would do is to google for the most perfect place on the planet to call home. Google has been likened to God as it has proved to get much of the information we need. For this I expect to get a more precise solution from it. Regrettably, it turns out the other way round. The key reason behind this is the alternative usually is based on the individuals who’ve been asked the question and that it’s a subjective question. Florence will be the response, which is a tiny city in Italy, should you post that question on CNN Traveller. If you ask readers of Telegraph, you will believe Melbourne is the best area to reside inyou will believe Melbourne is the best area to reside in. That led me to come up with a list of my own. Here is a small listing of cities which I believe will be best to live in.

Singapore is an extremely tiny country. It’s so tiny, you will barely find it on a world map. Various citizens in Singapore even tend to refer themselves as little red dots. So, you can picture how small a state Singapore is. But the smallness stops there. Though Singapore is among the smallest country in the world, it was named as the wealthiest nation on the planet. May be, you might want to find out more about Singapore. Having one of the most powerful and most remarkable transport structures, you’re sure you will never get lost when in Singapore. As well, together with the increased healthcare structure, your health security is ensured.

San Francisco has always been one of my favorite place. In USA, it is among the best places to reside in the city that is also referred to as the hi-tech capital of the globe. The weather here is friendlier as compared to other cities in the nation. At night you will get an amazing treat by seeing golden bridge light up. Then there is the cable car ride that’s most likely the only few ones left in the whole world. However, one thing I love most about San Francisco is the rich ethnic diversity. This is like a meeting point of individuals of different races, cultures and origins who come to Francisco to either establish or work in the hi-tech companies.

Another city which has always caught my eye is Melbourne. Melbourne seems like a pick that is ridiculous notably when one compares it Sydney over its larger sister. The answer is fairly straightforward. The reality is the fact that it’s more pleasant and more quiet to live in. This depends on your definition of quiet and pleasant. It might not be the place for you in case you want a more noisy area that is loaded with entertainment places to go to. For me, I favor a more laid back setting which makes Melbourne the more attractive place for my case.

Understood to be the honeymoon capital of the planet is Bali. If I’ve an infinite quantity of money to spend and I do not have to work for the rest of my life, I’d definitely love to spend the rest of my life in Bali. It’s quite many intimate areas that they cannot all be listed here. You may choose to enjoy the breathtaking panorama of the padi field. You can choose to do nothing the whole day just setting by the beach. Bali also has a number of the most diving surfing areas when that is your thing. It is truly a world away from the world.

The above is my list of the planet ‘s best cities. I’m not saying this list is for everyone. I am sure everyone has their own memories or accessory to particular areas. It might also be based on the place where you were raised and it may also depend in the type of exposure you could have had of a particular city. Imagine you live in Europe, you might not aware of cities in Asia. And also, if you reside in Asia, you may not be aware of European cities. Prevent developing stereotypes, and constantly have an open mind before getting the chance to experience always own about any city.


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