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The amateur guide to the Disruptive Tech & Innovation

Among the quotations that are commonly cited by many folks is the one which says that in the world, change is the sole continuous. The quote holds true particularly for the technology, along with the changes in regular lives brought forth by this disruptive technology. The number of these technologies or businesses may not be finite if we chose to compile them all, so I came up with list of some of them and particularly those that I felt had a profound effect on my life. All the technological innovations I have recorded below have changed how I do things by a good deal. While some of these innovations help me to be productive in a day, others have helped me achieve things I never thought possible before they were introduced to me. Here’s a look at a few of these great creations I am referring to.

Apple Pay is among the latest payment technology that promises to alter the way we use our money to make purchases. For the last few years now, I’ve always chosen whenever it is possible to go cashless. Credit card has ever been my main selection of payment mode as well as the coming of Apple Pay is set to make credit card use even easier. I’m an early adopter of Apple Pay and I have been hooked to it since the first time that i began using it. The primary difference may sound small but once you have started using it, you want every merchant will start accepting Apple Pay shortly.


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Microblogging concept introduced by Twitter has actually interrupted the way many companies are run. From political leaders to well-known stars to news channel. Almost every Internet user has found the impact of Twitter in their own own lives. In 2011, Twitter played a leading role in the political revolution that occurred in Egypt during the first stages of the Arab Spring. In 2013, a billionaire investor sent out a tweet that was christened the multibillion-dollar tweet. In 2014, the FIFA World Cup event generated more than half a million tweets. Twitter continues to redefine the countless things in our life including news journalism and political activism.

The concept of social media has been existent for many years but it was Facebook social media was made a fundamental portion of our everyday lives by that. The use of Facebook has become so significant in people’s lives that politicians have turned to this kind of communication and reaching out to their people although there have been many controversies with it. It’s just an amazing happening to many of us due to how it lets us connect with numerous our long-lost pals. With the absolute number nearly touching a billion, Facebook had the biggest quantity of users in 2014. At this pace, it seems like it won’t be long till every single man in the world is on Facebook.

We all really can understand Amazon as the business, which revolutionized the e book business. Recently, the company has cemented its position as the online retail king. Amazon seems to have huge strategies establish for the future while, the online retailing thing is still growing. Last mile delivery is recognized as the major bottleneck that is preventing the online shopping business as the Boss Jeff Bezos of Amazon was quoted saying, from growing faster. From the current 1-2 days of average delivery time, Amazon has grand plans. The sole powerful remedy to this issue is being visualized as a delivery drone or an unmanned aircraft. I wonder if so we’re stepping into a few truly fascinating future, if delivery drones can truly be realized.

I’m not especially savvy about technology but i make an effort to stay informed of the newest technologies to be able to remain useful. Something new and revolutionary comes up nearly every day. I’m certain the train of innovation will not stop here. I believe more and more businesses will undoubtedly be altered and revolutionized by approaching tumultuous innovations, whatever they may be. If there are any exciting technologies which you feel you must share with us, or you also have some remarks to make about what I shared here, please feel at liberty to drop new ones underneath.

You won’t believe these truths about Apple

In the modern era, Steve Jobs, the world lost one of the very most enigmatic of 2011′s business leaders and innovators in it. The heritage that he’d assembled hasn’t died down and Apple’s rise to eventually become the most valueable company on earth in 2014 exemplified this. After his departure, not much changed with the business and it continues with its close ways and techniques in the making of their products. So many fascinating facts exist about this business unless of course if an aficionado of Apple and its products are you that you most likely have never even heard of. Let ‘s analyze a number of the very interesting facts about Apple Inc. I guarantee that you are actually going to be intrigued and these details might allow you to really have a peek of the secret ingredients and recipes which are converted into such astonishing Apple products like iPhones and iPods.

Until the growth of Android, everyone understands that Microsoft is likely Apple’s biggest enemy. What the majority of people do not know is the $150 million investment. If you trace back on Apple’s history, you will learn that it was the year when Apple was on the brink of bankruptcy and Steve Jobs made his recovery to the company that fired him. In 2003, Microsoft has totally sold off their Apple shares but if they had not done thus, it’d have been worth more than $20 billion in 2014.

According to a study in 2013, Apple’s revenue per worker is ‘off the chart’. Every Apple’s worker generates a whole $2. 13 million in income for the firm. This is an insane number in the event that you consider that each IBM employee merely brings in revenue for the business in less than $250,000. Trailing behind in the second position is Cisco along with the $500,000 revenue each employee brings in is still far fetched from what the employee brings in. amount each AppleIt is intriguing to perceive if such pattern even feasible for them to break its own record and how far it could continue.

The number of iPhone sold every day is actually beyond belief. About 40 million iPhones are sold on a quarterly basis. This means every single day Apple sells around 400,000 new iPhones. To shock you a bit more, consider how this number is even bigger than the amount of infants born every day. As of 2014, the this number stands at around 300,000 per day. There seems to be no stopping to this trend as the past report in 2014 says that around 500,000 new iPhone 5s are being assembled every day.

Apple is known worldwide for their iconic design. But their shops are income producing power stations. They have broken records previously held by Tiffany and Co which used to be the leader when it comes to the sum of money. In 2013, that record was shattered and each Apple store reportedly produced twice as much sales compared to Tiffany & Co. $6,050 worth of sales are made per square foot, while Tiffany & Co creates $3,017, if we were to place it in figures, that will mean in every Apple shop. Till date, no company come close to this record or has touched


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Since we’re at the start of the brand new millenium, Apple keeps on amazing every one of us at how nicely they’ve achieved much. As as a brand and a business, they continue to shatter beliefs of what is potential. They’re always striving to accomplish newer heights with their products and give customers something they believed would exist. With the untimely departure of Steve Jobs back in the year 2011, Tim Cook inherited huge shoes to fill. Many consider that Apple’s finest days are over but Tim Cook and his team has up to now shown that they can maintain the company’s increase at least for now. Nevertheless, we all know that nothing stays at the top and others have to succeed top place after some time. One thing for sure is that Apple is going to be a brand to keep an eye on for the the next couple of years and many are already expecting not or whether their new iWatch is going to make it big.

The lazy reader’s guide about the Strangest Places in the World

Our planet earth has some quite fascinating places that anyone will relish seeing if presented with the chance to do it. There are strange areas some which are in serene locations while others are populated¬†cities¬†that have a booming marketing and reputation. As a journey lover, I’ve put together a record of a number of these picturesque locations. Though I’m yet to see nearly all of these places, I am going to jump to it should the opportunity present itself. I thought I’ll share them here and I trust you’ll love them.

In this age of technology and 21st century science, many people wouldn’t purchase the notion of superstitions and talking to the dead. Lily Dale needs to be the most eerie location on earth. Created with the single objective of advancing spiritualism, this town was incorporated in 1879. If the thought of conversing together with unseen or the undetectable does not frighten you and you are searching for something to satisfy your soul that’s more than stuff worth, this might be the perfect area for you. There are courses ran throughout the year and illustrious guest lecturers include the likes of Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer.

Located south of Tokyo is a town called Miyakejima island because everyone who is living in this city will need to carry a gas mask, and it really is one of the oddest place on world. This is brought about by how the town is around Mt Oyama which is known to have one of the deadliest volcano. A public crisis system stands by ready to alert residents of any upsurge in noxious gas. I always can’t understand why these individuals still decide going back to put their lives at such dangerous position. Perhaps we humans are wired in certain means that we cannot completely understand, or so I guess.

This really is only a small record of areas that are bizarre that exist on this earth. Frankly, my imagination is outdone by these areas and finding the presence of these places instructed me to have a more open mind. I cherish the thought of seeing some of them one day, although they sound a bit frightening for me. A thousand words may be described by a picture but I am sure the feeling and experience is some thing that you can get only when you land your feet on these places. As I find more unusual and amazing spots, I’ll make an effort to keep my list current.


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What I discover pertaining to the Wireless Myths & Facts

With the progress in technology, the day we live in a world that is totally wireless is not as far as we may believe. We are at the start of a new era, the age referred to as ‘The Internet of Things’ by many, where the utilization of technology is common far and wide. All the wirelessly inter connected devices are surely advantageous to our own lives and they undoubtedly bring convenience to how we control the numerous tools we use daily. For better or for worse, we are now residing in a wireless world, now since there is no escaping from it I decided to prepare myself at some of the myths, superstitions, and disinformation concerning wireless technologies and checked if they have some grain of truth in them.

It is nearly hopeless for us to escape from the electromagnetic wave that originates from our wireless devices unless you are dwelling in a remote rural area. Wi Fi technology is some thing that is found in almost every house today. One key question that lingers in our heads, and is frequently put up for discussion, is how our health is affected by these wireless transmissions. Some research has been been done with lots of concerns being raised about this’ carcinogenic effects on our bodies, about they. However, so far it appears like none of those studies has been able to conclusively associate these wireless transmissions to any considerable health hazards. I love my wireless devices but I’m still a little paranoid about it. For now, since I cannot fully be sure about this dilemma, I’ll attempt keeping my wireless devices some space away from me when not in use.

A majority of us have now changed to smartphones within those few years they’ve been around. We also have become dependent on our cellphone and heavily attached. But there is something that all men have to be aware of. Some physicians claim that the radiation from cellular telephones can lower a man’s fertility level. The justification behind this reasoning is quite easy and reasonable. When set near the pant pockets, the sperms will be subjected to the radiation emitted from the telephone and it might weaken or kill them. Now, while it is a fact that prevention is much better than cure, I consider it’s a myth and am not fully convinced of this theory.

With the widespread utilization of wireless devices, an increasing number of folks begin to believe that wireless connections are as dependable as wired connections. It depends on how you examine the issue and it’ll discover whether it turns out to be a true of false premise. If we discuss merely from the standpoint of speed alone, I believe that many people will be unable to tell the difference when they are connected wirelessly or by means of a cable. Unfortunately we’re in the real world, it’s inevitable something goes wrong and that material breaks down. This really is when you understand that troubleshooting wireless connection can really be multiple times less easy than troubleshooting wired connection problems.

The utilization of wired technology is nearing its end, this is what some people have begun to predict. A lot of sense is made by such idea with almost every device becoming wirelessly able nowadays. But after thinking about it intensely, I believe that such a doomsday forecast can not be virtually possible. Let’s consider for example the wireless sound streaming that’s made possible with the usage of Bluetooth technology. They still expect a cable to be recharged every now and then though most of these devices come with a rechargeable battery. There are a lot of hurdles that still has to be overcome for a complete removal of wires in our lives to eventually become viable. And therefore, I personally do not find such a replacement likely in the foreseeable future.

The wireless technology is having a great impact on the way individuals interact and carry their day-to-day chores. Still, there are people who’ve many misconceptions about it. I am no specialist in this technology and the things I have discussed here are nothing more than my individual opinion on an issue I consider is quite fascinating to say the least. I hope from this discussion that is simple, you will be able to distinguish the facts from the myths surrounding wireless technology. I may be wrong in certain things, I am not an expert in wireless after all, so if you have any opinions or questions please feel free to comment away.



How I ended up with the best cities in the world

I from time to time wonder about various matters. Myself frequently question the kind of city I’d choose if at all I was allowed to live anywhere in the entire world. I got a typical approach to this and it’s probably something plausible that anyone else would do. What I would do is to google for the most perfect place on the planet to call home. Google has been likened to God as it has proved to get much of the information we need. For this I expect to get a more precise solution from it. Regrettably, it turns out the other way round. The key reason behind this is the alternative usually is based on the individuals who’ve been asked the question and that it’s a subjective question. Florence will be the response, which is a tiny city in Italy, should you post that question on CNN Traveller. If you ask readers of Telegraph, you will believe Melbourne is the best area to reside inyou will believe Melbourne is the best area to reside in. That led me to come up with a list of my own. Here is a small listing of cities which I believe will be best to live in.

Singapore is an extremely tiny country. It’s so tiny, you will barely find it on a world map. Various citizens in Singapore even tend to refer themselves as little red dots. So, you can picture how small a state Singapore is. But the smallness stops there. Though Singapore is among the smallest country in the world, it was named as the wealthiest nation on the planet. May be, you might want to find out more about Singapore. Having one of the most powerful and most remarkable transport structures, you’re sure you will never get lost when in Singapore. As well, together with the increased healthcare structure, your health security is ensured.

San Francisco has always been one of my favorite place. In USA, it is among the best places to reside in the city that is also referred to as the hi-tech capital of the globe. The weather here is friendlier as compared to other cities in the nation. At night you will get an amazing treat by seeing golden bridge light up. Then there is the cable car ride that’s most likely the only few ones left in the whole world. However, one thing I love most about San Francisco is the rich ethnic diversity. This is like a meeting point of individuals of different races, cultures and origins who come to Francisco to either establish or work in the hi-tech companies.

Another city which has always caught my eye is Melbourne. Melbourne seems like a pick that is ridiculous notably when one compares it Sydney over its larger sister. The answer is fairly straightforward. The reality is the fact that it’s more pleasant and more quiet to live in. This depends on your definition of quiet and pleasant. It might not be the place for you in case you want a more noisy area that is loaded with entertainment places to go to. For me, I favor a more laid back setting which makes Melbourne the more attractive place for my case.

Understood to be the honeymoon capital of the planet is Bali. If I’ve an infinite quantity of money to spend and I do not have to work for the rest of my life, I’d definitely love to spend the rest of my life in Bali. It’s quite many intimate areas that they cannot all be listed here. You may choose to enjoy the breathtaking panorama of the padi field. You can choose to do nothing the whole day just setting by the beach. Bali also has a number of the most diving surfing areas when that is your thing. It is truly a world away from the world.

The above is my list of the planet ‘s best cities. I’m not saying this list is for everyone. I am sure everyone has their own memories or accessory to particular areas. It might also be based on the place where you were raised and it may also depend in the type of exposure you could have had of a particular city. Imagine you live in Europe, you might not aware of cities in Asia. And also, if you reside in Asia, you may not be aware of European cities. Prevent developing stereotypes, and constantly have an open mind before getting the chance to experience always own about any city.

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